Loving, Personal Attention
and Daily Exercise are
Always Part of the Package.

  • Radiant floor heating/air conditioning
  • “Kuranda” raised dog beds
  • Spacious indoor kennels
  • Large living room area
  • Supervised daily exercise/playtime
  • Pick-up and drop-off service

Meet the Owner,
Louisa Murphy

Animals have always been a main part of my life. I grew up with dogs,cats, and horses. I can’t imagine my life without animals. I have a degree as a Veterinary Technician. I have worked in many aspects of the animal world: Animal Caretaker at the Humane Society, Animal Control Officer, and as an owner of a dog boarding business for 10 years.

Louisa Murphy of Petite Paws at agility competitionI am now changing my business to caring only for small dogs. I found that small dogs have different needs and many of them are not comfortable around bigger dogs.

Since I am owned by toy and mini poodles, I know what small dog owners face when looking for a boarding facility. My goal is to provide a safe, fun, calm environment for your dog.

I am also involved in the sport of agility. I compete throughout the state and have taught classes. I love the game of agility so don’t be surprised if your dog learns to go through tunnels.

I hope to meet you and your dog soon…

Providing a healthy, safe environment for small dogs.