Why board with Petite Paws

Petite Paws is an unique place, not a traditional kennel at all.  I keep the number of dogs down to concentrate on quality care.  The dogs form a pack and we do things as a group.  We may play ball, go for walks, or just relax and watch TV.  I try to give each boarder one on one time each day.  I am with the dogs throughout the day in 2 to 3 hour blocks of time.  Usually at a regular boarding facility, the dogs are only let out to potty 3 times during the day for 20 minutes.
My goal is to form a lasting relationship with you and your dog.  Dogs like consistency and thrive when on a schedule and being handled by a familiar person.  Please feel free to call and set up a Meet and Greet and find out if Petite Paws is the place for your dog’s home away from home.

Providing a healthy, safe environment for small dogs.